About Us


Welcome to Heritage International Hospitality. We are a quality driven, innovative provider of complete manpower management and recruitment solutions to the global hospitality sector.

With our headquarters strategically located in South East Asia, we support and service our clients internationally, centered around a clear customer-centric business culture. This is achieved through developing and growing partnerships across our client groups. In parallel, our team will design and deliver flexible, tailored services to cater to individual client needs and maximize competitive advantage, regardless of the specific sector.

Our business model is based on transparency and honesty with the core objective of exceeding the expectations of clients and candidates during each interaction with Heritage International Hospitality.

Why Heritage?

Heritage International Hospitality is motivated by the desire to help our clients and candidates achieve their goals, both individual and collective. Quite simply, this is our passion and we benchmark our success by that of our clients and candidates.

We understand that supplying the right candidate is a key part of the process. However, in addition to sourcing the right talent, HIH also monitors and measures candidate’s retention with our clients along with a strategic post-placement follow up program.

What helps make us unique in the industry is our balance of competencies and deliverables throughout the internal team at Heritage. As well as over 50 years of hospitality sector experience, our team also has significant manpower management and supply chain capabilities from other industries and as such is able to implement best practices from these areas.

The Challenge

We fully appreciate the numerous challenges and demands that our clients face on a daily basis, whichever part of the world they operate in.

A major concern is the ability to attract and retain staff. Hiring, developing and keeping the best talent is critical for growth in any business especially so in the services sector. In some areas of the hospitality industry, staffing costs make up in the region of 45% of a typical hotel's overheads, whilst staff attrition can be between 30-35%. Clearly this represents a significant potential wastage of financial resources. Indirect costs such as those involved in training and developing new staff, as well as the likely impact on succession planning are also a major concern.

HIH works with a diverse range of clients and partners to take up this challenge on their behalf. This is achieved via a consultative approach along with an extensive range of additional services. The main objectives are thus to enable clients savings, improve RevPAR growth and hence boost overall net operating profit.

Other Services

  • Permanent Recruitment
  • Contract Recruitment
  • Provision of Work Permits and Visas
  • Payroll Services
  • Contractor Administration and Management
  • Insurance Provision – Including Personal Accident, Medical, EL/PL
  • Candidate Background and Security Checks
  • English Language Training
  • Travel and Logistics
  • Salary Surveys
  • First Aid Training
  • Business Consulting and Strategic Planning


Complete Recruitment and Manpower Solutions to the Global Hospitality Industry