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Our portfolio of services are detailed below. If you have any questions, or would like further information, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Permanent Recruitment

Sourcing and delivering the right skillset and in the right time frame is key to ensuring that our clients plan and execute their growth strategies and achieve their goals.

With an extensive database of the best industry talent HIH can recruit for individual requirements or a larger project type basis such as new hotel and resort openings or when new cruise vessels are added to a fleet.

We cover an extensive range of disciplines across all departments from General Manager, CFO, and HR Director through to entry level roles for those new candidates looking to start a career in this exciting industry.

Contract Recruitment

HIH is excited to be able to offer short term or contract recruitment solutions for our clients. If you need a temporary workforce for a specific requirement, or don’t want to be burdened with the full payroll and compliance obligations then Heritage will take care of this for you.

Not only do we recruit the relevant skill sets we also assume the full employer responsibilities of those candidates and contract out those employees to our clients. This includes mobilization and logistics.

HIH can tailor programs for a matter of a few months to several years duration. Likewise we can manage accounts from only a few contracted employees to several hundred depending on your needs and circumstances.

Provision of Work Permits and Visas

As the world becomes a much smaller place to do business, organizations are increasing the opportunities for their staff to move overseas for new assignments. It is key however that all overseas employees have the correct visa and work permit in order to take up these positions, regardless of the duration. This area of compliance is attracting greater scrutiny across the globe.

Heritage can handle this process on behalf of clients, regardless of whether it is for a short term contract or permanent position. We collaborate with clients to ensure that employees are fully compliant and legally entitled to work in the designated location.

Payroll Services

The global hospitality industry is becoming increasingly diverse with new and exciting projects being developed in a multitude of new locations. This, in conjunction with growth in the traditional sectors has driven new employment opportunities for candidates and staff as well as greater market share potential for clients.


In order to assist clients and candidates, Heritage offers payroll solutions regardless of the duration i.e. from a few months short term contract or a longer term permanent assignment. This includes facilitating prompt salary payment along with the correct deduction of income tax and statutory payroll taxes and timely reporting and submissions to the relevant authorities.

Contractor Administration and Management

In conjunction with the other services, Heritage is able to assume full employer responsibilities for our clients’ employees/contractors and thus outsource the service of the employee to the client.

This is particularly useful for short term projects or requirements, or where the client requires greater operating flexibility and wishes to assign the management of employees and the associated compliance.

Heritage’s management team has significant international experience in providing these services and will be happy to discuss this in greater detail.

Insurance Provision – Including Personal Accident, Medical, EL/PL

Acquiring the correct levels of insurance is key for the protection of organizations as well as the individuals within those groups.

As part of our growing portfolio of additional services, Heritage can facilitate insurance for clients employees and contract staff to suit the work duration and the specific environment. Examples include medical insurance, personal accident insurance, life cover as well as general liability.

Candidate Background and Security Checks

It is absolutely critical that employers are aware of prospective employees’ backgrounds from a security perspective, prior to hiring. This is important in any industry, none more so than hospitality where individuals are responsible for the well-being of potentially thousands of customers as well as millions of dollars’ worth of property and assets.

The increasingly global nature of this sector only adds to this concern. In conjunction with approved security partners and in line with International standards and regulations, Heritage can facilitate background checks on candidates at any stage of the selection process and provide a full report to clients.

English Language Training

Increased global competition has driven up standards of operations and service delivery throughout the hospitality sector. Consequently, hospitality companies are placing greater emphasis on employee training and development in order to achieve enhanced service excellence. The ability to communicate clearly and articulately in the English language to International standards is key. This is especially relevant for customer interfacing staff.


It is not an overstatement to say that an organization’s competitive advantage and hence potential market share can be influenced by this.


Heritage can assist clients in proposing English language training for their staff in line with current and anticipated needs. Please get in touch for further information.

Travel and Logistics

As part of our overall manpower management and recruitment solutions and services, Heritage, via our approved partner, facilitate travel and logistics arrangements on behalf of our clients. This includes arranging transport and accommodation for individual candidates attending interviews overseas, through to larger scale mobilization of staff joining a new project or starting a new assignment on a cruise vessel.

Salary Surveys

The competition for the industries best talent continues to intensify and in turn employers regularly wish to benchmark salaries and benefits. This is to ensure retention of key staff as well as to enable optimum future positioning in order to attract the right talent.

This process is adopting greater significance given the increased globalization of the hospitality industry.


Heritage can conduct salary surveys and benchmarks across the full range of roles and positions typically found in this sector in line with forecasted movements.


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